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Friday, March 21, 2008

FWF OA policy in English translation

If you recall, Austria's Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Fund to Promote Scientific Research, or FWF) strengthened its OA policy earlier this month.  FWF has now released the policy in English.  Excerpt:

a) The FWF expects the results of the research it supports to be made public and when possible published also in digital form and made available free of charge on the Internet (open access). Contributions should be submitted to subject-specific or institutional electronic archives (repositories) in addition to being sent to scientific publishers or they should be published directly in peer reviewed journals that are freely available (e.g. in open access journals or in hybrid journals).

b) In their contracts with publishing houses, scientists participating in projects supported by the FWF should as far as possible attempt to secure lasting and non-exclusive rights for the electronic publication of their research results for the purpose of non profit-oriented utilization....If there is a restricted period during which the submission of published research results to subject-specific or institutional electronic archives is not permitted, this should generally not last for longer than 6 months for journal articles and for 12 months in the case of books.

c) Applications for reimbursement of costs associated with the submission of scientific articles to refereed open access journals or with making articles in conventional journals freely available (hybrid journals) within three years of the end of the project may be sent to the FWF....

d) Open access activities must be indicated in all reports submitted to the FWF. If there are legal reasons why the FWF's policy on open access may not be followed, these must be justified....