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Friday, March 21, 2008

Economic benefits of OA for public sector info

Michael Cross, In sight of victory, The Guardian, March 20, 2008.  Excerpt:

Two years ago, we launched our Free Our Data campaign on an act of faith. We knew that making the government's information available freely - and for free - for re-use by individuals, charities, academics and entrepreneurs was the right thing to do. What we did not know was precisely how much richer Britain could be as a result.

Last week, an authoritative independent economic study, commissioned by the government and published along with the Budget, answered that question. Looking at the arms of government most dependent on selling data and taking conservative and pessimistic scenarios throughout, the study - Models of Public Sector Information via Trading Funds - concludes that the benefits of giving government data away outweigh the loss of income from licence fees from the current practice of "cost recovery" by more than £160m for the largest six "trading funds" alone....