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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Closed journals are data silos

David Wiley, On fully distributing the social network, Iterating Toward Openness, March 6, 2008.
... Facebookís approach is a classic old-fashioned business model propped up by creating artificial scarcity where none actually exists. Itís much like the problems with the academic publishing businesses right now. The journal publishers want me to come up with a great research idea, go find funding for the work, do the work, write up the work, and then completely sign over all the rights to my work to them - so that I have to pay a license fee to use my own writing with my own students in my own classroom. Facebook wants me to have meet lots of people, make friends with many of them, spend my time connecting the dots between myself and my friends online, and label our relationships, so that Facebook can tell me I donít have permission to use my own work. Springer, Elsevier, and FacebookÖ just another couple of data silos. ...
Comment. See this post for another comparison of Facebook to OA.