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Sunday, February 17, 2008

U.S. Army blocks access to digital library

Steven Aftergood, Army Blocks Public Access to Digital Library, Secrecy News, February 13, 2008. (Thanks to Free Government Information.)

Public access to the Reimer Digital Library, which is the largest online collection of U.S. Army doctrinal publications, has been blocked by the Army, which last week moved the collection behind a password-protected firewall.

But today the Federation of American Scientists filed a Freedom of Information Act request (pdf) asking the Army to provide a copy of the entire unclassified Library so that it could be posted on the FAS web site.

The Army move on February 6 marks the latest step in an ongoing withdrawal of government records from the public domain. ...

The move came as a surprise since only unclassified and non-sensitive records had ever been made available at the Library site. ...