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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two new essays by Larry Sanger

Here are two new essays by Larry Sanger, founder of Citizendium and co-founder of Wikipedia:

  1. Citizendium: A New Vision for Online Knowledge Communities.  Excerpt:  "The most interesting unexploited opportunity before the Internet today is high quality and high relevance. In short, if developing sheer quantity of content was the big exciting problem ten years ago, we’ve licked that one. The big exciting problem now is quality: how to create enormous amounts of high-quality and highly-relevant content. And this is --I guarantee it-- a much more difficult problem, and one that not nearly as many online projects will be able to solve...."
  2. How the Internet Is Changing What We (Think We) Know.  Excerpt:  "My worry is that the superabundance of information is devaluing knowledge. The more that information piles up on Internet servers around the world, and the easier it is for that information to be found, the less distinctive and attractive that knowledge will appear by comparison...."