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Monday, February 18, 2008

Searching OA journals in the humanities

Mike van Eerden has launched Search Pigeon, a collection of Google Co-op search engines covering English-language OA journals in the humanities.  From the site:

...Designed for researchers in the Arts and Humanities, with a decidedly interdisciplinary provides [Google Co-op custom search engines] that search hundreds of peer-reviewed and open access online journal, provided they are either English-language journals, or provide a translation of their site into English....

The guiding philosophy behind Search Pigeon is that the production of trust and knowledge is fundamental to the transformation of society, from the well-being of individual minds and bodies to the healthy operation of large and complicated human networks and institutions. This production is a matter of cooperation and dissemination. So Search Pigeon in the long-view is a practical experiment in the way things spread. If you want to have a part in this research experiment, please drop me a line.