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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SCOAP3 Day at PhysMath Central

Chris Leonard, Friday, March 7th: SCOAP3 day on PhysMath Central, PhysMath Central Blog, February 20, 2008.

... SCOAP3 is an initiative to get libraries to redirect subscription to pay for open access to all articles in high-energy physics. As such they will turn an entire field to open access and fund open access for all authors, all over the world, in high-energy physics journals.

On February 29th, there is a meeting at Berkeley to get US libraries informed and hopefully interested in making this vision a reality.

At PhysMath Central, we want to give authors a flavour of that future reality, so March 7th is a SCOAP3 day on the site. All articles submitted to PMC Physics A on March 7th will be peer-reviewed and accepted articles will be published without incurring an Article Processing Charge. Simply request a waiver with the words 'It's SCOAP3 day!'.

In the future, an article processing charge will be levied, but authors won't have to concern themselves about payment as SCOAP3 will cover expenses related to open access publication. As such, we hope this day will give authors a feel for the future where open access publication is the norm and publication costs are covered without them having to get involved.