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Friday, February 08, 2008

PubMed Central and the Semantic Web

Paul Miller, PubMed Central ready for the Semantic Web and Open Data?, Nodalities blog, February 7, 2008. A blog post discussing open data in relation to publishing and open access repositories, and promoting the Talis Platform for use by PubMed Central.
Rather than 'simply' bolt some tags, curvy-edged boxes, and other Web 2.0 frippery onto the outside of a repository, why not think more radically? Why not throw the whole thing open, leverage the power of the Semantic Web that solutions like the Talis Platform offer, and see what we can do to maximise the value of those connections between papers, people, and areas of research... rather than simply expecting people to restate them, yet again, for some half-purpose?

Most of the data already exist. The technology already exists. Let's join the pieces together, and do something really interesting. ...