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Friday, February 29, 2008

OA makes interdisciplinary research more visible

Chris Leonard, Open Access is the answer for interdisciplinary research, PhysMath Central Blog, February 25, 2008.

A fascinating feature on interdisciplinary research in the lastest issue of Nature. Of particular interest is this quote:

“Younger faculty tend to be concerned that if they get involved [in interdisciplinary work], their colleagues in the departments in charge of promotion and tenure will feel they haven't lived up to the standards of the discipline.” Other problems, he says, include finding places to publish — “it's much easier for people to get published in traditional disciplinary settings” — and finding an audience. A physicist could, say, publish a paper on stock-market patterns in Physical Review E, but how many economists will read it is another matter."

How many economists would subscribe, have access to or search a physics journal? Probably not many. However, research published in open access journals requires no subscription, is available to all and - due to the full-text being available online - is indexed by regular search engines, as well as the more specialist A&I databases. Serendipity is afoot. ...