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Sunday, February 24, 2008

New OA Hindawi journal takes new approach to peer review

Scholarly Research Exchange is a new OA journal from Hindawi, for original research "in all areas of science, technology, and medicine". From the February 21 announcement:

... Scholarly Research Exchange will bring a number of important innovations to scholarly journal publishing, including a transparent peer review system in which authors and reviewers interact directly throughout the peer review process.

Authors submitting to Scholarly Research Exchange will suggest potential reviewers who will have to be approved by the journal's Editorial Office. Reviewers will be asked to provide an assessment of the quality of the manuscript, a written critique addressed to the authors, and a written commentary addressed to the journal's readers. Once an article is accepted for publication, the reviewers' commentaries and their assessment of the manuscript's quality are published alongside the final version of the article. In addition to these reviewers' evaluations, members of the scientific community will also be able to participate in a discussion around every manuscript. ...

Scholarly Research Exchange is hosted on a custom built online platform ... facilitating the journal's interactive editorial system. The journal is published with the support of an international Advisory Board, and a detailed description of the journal and its editorial model can be found on the journal web site.