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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New directory of open courseware

The folks at iBerry are compiling an annotated Open Courseware Finder.  From the site:

  • The Open Courseware Directory - annotated listings of publicly available courseware (lecture notes and videos, slides, tutorial material, exam questions, software, demonstrations) from the universities and colleges of the world....

    The quality and scope of Open Courseware varies considerably so we are attempting to compile a directory of good quality OCW that will be of most use and relevance to self-learners and educators. Courseware items consisting of little more than a syllabus statement are not listed while those with good lecture notes are normally included, as are impressive podcasts, videoed lectures or image collections. Each listing in the OCW Directory comes with a brief description (normally taken from the link website) and users can refine their search results with respect to over 30 subject heading, media type (assignments, exams, software / demonstrations, audio, notes, video) and academic level (introductory, intermediate, advanced). Visitors including courseware authors and their institutions, are strongly encouraged to assist in keeping the listings up-to-date by taking advantage of the facilities for text input and attaching helpful comments to any item. This can be done very quickly and easily - you don't even have to register....

  • has negligible funding and no institutional support. Further development is therefore entirely in the hands of our users. Help us to become a viable part of a self-sustaining community of educators and learners that is independent of existing universities and colleges and free of commercial interests.