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Friday, February 08, 2008

New database of publishing agreements and publisher OA policies

OAKlist is a new database of information about publishing agreements and publishers' OA policies by the Open Access to Knowledge Law Project at Queensland University of Technology. From the announcement:
"OAKList is designed to enhance open access to knowledge and research innovation by making it possible to easily determine whether researchers are permitted by publishers to distribute academic publications via the internet - for example by depositing them into an online repository such as QUT E Prints," [OAK Law Project leader] Professor [Brian] Fitzgerald said.

"A key part of government policy across the world is to ensure that publicly funded research is available to the broadest possible audience in order to stimulate research innovation. OAKList will assist with this objective. ...

OAK Law project manager Scott Kiel-Chisholm said the list was a boon for managers of institutions' digital repositories who received articles from researchers for listing.

"They can instantly access the publishing policies for each journal without the time spent contacting the journal to ascertain the publishing agreements," he said.

"The OAKList is interoperable with the UK's RoMEO/SHERPA database of publisher agreements."

The OAKList was compiled after contacting 107 academic publishers in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and United States. A core sample of 95 publishing agreements, representing a total of 669 journals, was collected and analysed. ...

Update (from Peter). Also see the accompanying Review and Analysis of Academic Publishing Agreements and Open Access Policies or our blogged excerpt.