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Friday, February 01, 2008

More on using institutional repositories for datasets

Luis Martinez, The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) and Institutional Repositories, a briefing paper from the DataShare project.  (Thanks to Robin Rice.)  Excerpt:

...The DISC-UK DataShare project aims at improving current institutional models for dealing with curation of research generated data by exploring the possibilities of using institutional repository (IR) technologies and practices. This project brings together the distinct communities of data support and institutional repositories to bridge gaps and exploit the expertise of both to advance repository services’ ability to accommodate datasets.

One of the key issues present in IRs is dealing with the description of items held in the repository. Data are not different from other digital materials and need to be described not just for discovery but also for preservation and reuse. The social science data archiving community has been working for many years on a metadata standard to describe datasets, and a new version is about to be published, the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) 3.0.

This document reports back from the DDI 3 workshop “Using DDI 3.0 to Support Preservation, Management, Access and Dissemination Systems for Social Science Data” held at the Schloss Dagstuhl in Germany in November 2007. It intends to present the DDI standard to repository managers, data librarians and data managers and provide background information to help them to examine how the DDI fits with developments in their institutional repositories for research-generated data. The report discusses the appropriateness of using the different DDI versions to address the requirements of research data in IRs. It brings together some of the key questions of the DataShare project with regards to access management, linking to other materials and versioning of datasets....