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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Educational impact beyond research impact

Alireza Noruzi, Educational Impact and Open Access Journals, Webology, December 2007.  An editorial.  Excerpt:

...Online course syllabi provide a convenient source of information about a journal use....The educational impact of a journal depends not only on online accessibility (open access), but also on how widely it is used by educators.

The inclusion of an open access (OA) journal in recommended/required reading lists in the course syllabi is important for its visibility and of course for its impact factor. Moreover, the creation of hyperlinks to OA journals in web-based syllabi increases their link popularity. The syllabi can be used to determine how a journal is used and how much it is used....

It is obvious that open access will improve the educational impact of journals....

Update.  The same issue of Webology includes Isabel Galina's book review of Catherine Jones, Institutional repositories: content and culture in an open access environment, Chandos, August 2007.