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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Helping to implement the new NIH policy

SPARC has created a page of information to help universities and libraries help researchers comply with the new NIH public access policy.  Excerpt:

The NIH has provided a comprehensive set of resources to explain the details of the policy:

You also may find it useful to refer researchers on your campus to these resources provided by NIH:

  • List of journals that currently deposit articles in PMC on behalf of their authors
  • Article from NIH’s Office Extramural Research Newsletter outlining what the new policy means to NIH-funded investigators

As libraries and administrators explore local approaches to education and compliance, please keep in mind these additional helpful resources that are currently available:

  • SPARC Web resource on the NIH policy
  • The SPARC Author Addendum, which specifically enables authors to retain the rights they need to deposit articles in PMC after publication in a journal.
  • The Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Generator, from SPARC and Science Commons, which offers authors the choice of four different sets of rights in addenda that may be completed online.
  • The SPARC Author Rights Forum, a new, private discussion list where libraries can together explore the needs and opportunities that emerge as they consider how best to implement this policy. (To request membership, send any message to The list is moderated by Kevin Smith, JD, of Duke University Libraries.
  • A letter to SPARC Directors and Advocates pointing to these resources

For background on the widespread community support for the NIH Public Access Policy, visit the Alliance for Taxpayer Access Web site.