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Monday, February 18, 2008

Guide to implementing the NIH public access policy

Association of Research Libraries today announced the availability of a Web-based guide to assist research institutions in implementing the new NIH public access policy.

The ARL guide, “The NIH Public Access Policy: Guide for Research Universities,” includes the following sections:

  • Policy Overview
  • Institutional Responses
  • Retaining Rights
  • How to Deposit
  • Resources

The guide focuses on the implications of the NIH policy for institutions as grantees, although some information for individual investigators is included and links to further details are provided. The guide is helpful to a range of campus constituencies that may be involved in implementing the new policy, including research administrators, legal counsel, and librarians.

In addition to compliance concerns, the guide also considers the benefits of the new policy and institutions’ opportunities to build on the policy requirements by seeking additional rights for using funded research to address local needs.