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Monday, February 25, 2008

Directory of free online scientific resources for developing countries

EBSCO and Hasselt University in Belgium have launched an Open Science Directory.  (Thanks to the INIST Libre Accès blog.)  From the site:

Access to scientific literature is very important for the scientific work in developing countries. As a result of different projects  a large collection of  e-journals is now available for researchers in developing countries. The number of Open Access Journals is growing steadily as we can see in the Directory of Open Access Journals. Major UNO organizations like WHO, FAO and UNEP have their specific programs for the scientific institutions in low-income countries. Finally a lot of universities, institutes and other organizations are supporting access programs. The most important are INASP, eIFL and eJDS.

All these programs and projects have their own website and/or search engine. With the Open Science Directory IOC/IODE, with the support of EBSCO and Hasselt University Library, is creating a unique access point to all the journals contained in the different programs....

PS:  Many of the resources collected here are free online for everyone.  But some of them, like the HINARI, Agora, and OARE journals, are free online only for developing countries.