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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Access to charitable research in Canada

The Canada Revenue Agency has issued draft Guidelines for Research as a Charitable Activity and invites public comments.  (Thanks to David Bearman.)  Excerpt:

2. ...[T]o be considered charitable, the research results must be disseminated and made freely available to others who might want access to it. [Footnote 4]...

30. There is no universal requirement under common law that a charity that conducts or funds research as a charitable activity must disseminate it to others....

32. On the other hand, the common law does require a charity with an educational research purpose, which, aims to advance learning or public knowledge through the discovery or improvement of knowledge, to disseminate that research and make it available to anyone who might want access to it. [Footnote 34] The reason for this is that such a purpose could not be achieved unless the results of the research are put into the public realm.

33. Dissemination and accessibility can take many forms. An organization might publish the results in a journal, submit the research to an online database of publications, or simply post it on its publicly accessible Web site. [Footnote 35]...

PS:  Comments are due by February 29, 2008, and may be sent by email to <>.