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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Three new OA books on OA repositories

An announcement from SURF today points to three new books on OA repositories from Amsterdam University Press.

  1. Kasja Weenink, Leo Waaijers, and Karen van Godtsenhoven (eds.), A DRIVER's Guide to European Repositories:  Five Studies of Important Digital Repository Related Issues and Good Practices, Amsterdam University Press, January 2008.  Here's the OA edition.  For more details, see my blog post from yesterday.
  2. Muriel Foulonneau and Francis André, Investigative study of standards for Digital Repositories and related services, Amsterdam University Press, January 2008.  Here's the OA edition.
  3. Maurits van der Graaf and Kwame van Eijndhoven, The European Repository Landscape : Inventory study into present type and level of OAI compliant Digital Repository activities in the EU, Amsterdam University Press, January 2008.  Here's the OA edition.

From the SURF announcement:

...The EC-funded DRIVER project is leading the way as the largest initiative of its kind in helping to enhance repository development worldwide. Its main objective is to build a virtual, European scale network of existing institutional repositories using technology that will manage the physically distributed repositories as one large scale virtual content source. As part of the DRIVER project, three strategic and coordinated studies have been conducted on digital repositories and related services. They are aimed at repository managers, content providers, research institutions and decision makers - all key stakeholders who are taking an active part in the creation of the digital repository infrastructure for e-research and e-learning. SURffoundation is the Dutch partner in the DRIVER project, and responsible for the publication of the studies. The studies are published on the 16th of January 2008 together with Amsterdam University Press....