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Sunday, January 27, 2008


An alpha version of DRIVER's portal of European research repositories is now online.  (Thanks to David Mattison.)  From the site:

Please note that the portal is currently at its testing phase....

Use this site to access various DRIVER products and services, such as the DRIVER Support site. Here you will find information about the project itself and its relevance to researchers, institutional and repository managers, funding agencies and others, as well as information about building repositories and activities in European countries....The DRIVER portal offers a number of features and characteristics that are ready to use and others that will become available soon. More specifically:

Features & characteristics

  • Access to public documents in a consistent and harmonized way from over 70 repositories (click here to get a full list )
  • Advanced searching capabilities
  • Use of Collections and Communities allowing virtual views on the data
  • Personalized services that allow registered users to systematically filter their searches based on their individual research interests
  • Dynamic growth of the DRIVER content by real-time repository data harvesting
  • Distributed and scalable infrastructure supporting
    1. dynamic deployment of DRIVER nodes and services
    2. integration of external services requiring minimal effort
    3. provision of existing DRIVER services to other service providers

Coming soon

  • Browsing and navigating capabilities
  • User and community related recommendation and alerting services
  • Repository managers' tools for easy registration and data quality feedback