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Monday, January 21, 2008

Spanish funder launches an OA repository

The largest public funder of research in Spain, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spanish National Research Council, or CSIC) launched an OA repository, Digital.CSIC, on January 18.  (Thanks to Markus Trapp via Klaus Graf.)

This suggests that CSIC has some kind of OA policy for CSIC-funded research.  But I don't know what it is and my Spanish is too weak to let me explore the site for clues.  If you know or discover the CSIC policy, please drop me a line or post an English summary to SOAF.

In February 2006, CSIC signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge, and in June 2007 it converted 12 of its 32 journals to OA and announced plans to convert the rest.

Update (1/21/08).  Gavin Baker reports that the CSIC appears not to be operating under an OA mandate.  (Thanks, Gavin.)  Here's his English-language paraphrase of a section of the Digital.CSIC FAQ:

How are documents added? The author himself will deposit his documents and be responsible for complying with publisher policies; also, the CSIC technical office can deposit documents with the author's permission. The key is the last sentence: "The Digital.CSIC Technical Office is responsible for administering Digital.CSIC and requires the permission of the author to keep, to copy, to change the format if necessary, and to distribute the material."

He also turned up this interesting provision from the Digital.CSIC copyright page:

When an author deposits an unpublished work in an institutional repository, he authorizes the later use of that work under the terms of a Creative Commons [BY-NC-ND] license.