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Monday, January 21, 2008

Peter Brantley on the Google Library Project

Andrea Foster interviews Peter Brantley in the Chronicle of Higher Education for January 25, 2008.  Excerpt:

Mr. Brantley is executive director of the Digital Library Federation, a group of 39 academic libraries and other groups promoting electronic resources. He wrote a blog post this month that complained about a possible settlement of a lawsuit that publishers and authors brought against Google....

Q. Why are you opposed to an out-of-court settlement to the Google lawsuit?

A. A settlement leaves unresolved how people can use out-of-print books whose owners cannot be identified --orphan works-- and the question of what is fair use regarding digitized books.

Q. How should Google treat orphan works?

A. No one should be making money from these. Yet that will happen because their [copyright] status is unknown.

Q. What would be a good outcome to the litigation?

A. Having a court determine once and for all that it is fair use to digitize a copyrighted work and make a snippet of it publicly available.