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Thursday, January 24, 2008

OA mandate watch

Stevan Harnad, The OA Self-Archiving Sweepstakes: One More University and One More Funder Mandate, Open Access Archivangelism, January 24, 2008.  

One more Australian university Green OA Self-Archiving Mandate (CSU, Australia's 6th mandate: thanks to Arthur Sale for the news) and one Italian funder mandate (ISS, Italy's first: thanks to Valentina Comba via Peter Suber) have been announced. (Also a "strong encouragement" policy from Hokkaido University brings us closer to a first Japanese mandate.)

Worldwide, that now makes:

   22 funder mandates,
   12 institutional mandates,
   3 departmental mandates,


   5 proposed funder mandates,
   1 proposed institutional mandate,
   2 proposed multi-institutional mandates

That's a total of

   37 mandates already adopted and
   8 more proposed so far
   = 45

(plus at least 31 registered self-archiving institutional and funder "OA policies" -- still shy of a mandate, encouraging/inviting/requesting instead of requiring/mandating, but within easy distance of an upgrade to a mandate -- and probably many more unregistered ones).

= at least 76 known to be adopted, proposed, or poised


If your institution or funder has an unregistered OA policy, please register it in ROARMAP.

(Arthur Sale whispers that we should expect more announcements soon, from Australia.)

The Self-Archiving Sweepstakes are on -- and let us hope for a planetary sweep in 2008, particularly from the sleeping giant: the university sector. (The world deserves at least a bit of good news for a change!)

PS:  The lead story in next week's issue of SOAN will be the OA mandates adopted or revealed in January 2008.