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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OA journal fund at Berkeley

UC Berkeley has launched a pilot program to pay publication fees at fee-based OA journals.  The program is funded by the discretionary accounts of Thomas Leonard, University Librarian, and Beth Burnside, Vice Chancellor for Research.  (Thanks to Chuck Eckman.)  From the site:

The Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII) supports faculty members who want to make their journal articles free to all readers immediately upon publication.

An 18-month pilot program, BRII will subsidize, in various degrees, fees charged to authors who select open access or paid access publication. The pilot will also yield data that can be used to gauge faculty interest in — as well as the budgetary impacts of — these new modes of scholarly communication on the Berkeley campus.

Also see the program description, applicant instructions, FAQ, and yesterday's press release.