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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Notes from the COMMUNIA workshop on the public domain

Jonathan Gray has blogged some notes on the Communia workshop on Technology and the Public Domain (Torino, January 18, 2008).

COMMUNIA coordinator Juan Carlos De Martin and Rishab Ghosh of MERIT, University of Maastricht gave opening talks. I was on a panel with Kaitlin Thaney of Science Commons, Nathan Yergler of Creative Commons and Keith Jeffery of euroCRIS. My slides are available [here].

Other talks directly related to open knowledge included:

I suggested in my talk and thoughout the day that:

  • We should work together to create a set of ‘public domain calculators’ - or algorithms that can help to determine whether or not a given work is out of copyright in a given jurisdiction (such as we’ve been working on with Public Domain Works and the Open Library);
  • We should work together to pool open metadata - whether this be bibliographic metadata, or metadata for databases or large collections of knowledge resources (such as are listed in CKAN).

This is a great opportunity to strengthen the community of individuals and organisations with an interest in open knowledge and the public domain across Europe....