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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New year's resolutions

From Alex Halavais at Thaumaturgical compendium:

...I’m...planning for my two courses this semester, both of which will be distance courses. Almost all the materials —at least those I create— will be open access....

From Cameron Neylon at Science in the open:

This promises to be a year in which Open issues move much further up the agenda. These things are little ways that we can take this forward and help to build the momentum.

  1. I will adopt the NIH Open Access Mandate as a minimum standard for papers submitted in 2008. Where possible we will submit to fully Open Access journals but where there is not an appropriate journal in terms of subject area or status we will only submit to journals that allow us to submit a complete version of the paper to PubMed Central within 12 months.
  2. I will get more of our existing (non-ONS [non-Open Notebook Science]) data online and freely available.
  3. Going forward all members of my group will be committed to an Open Notebook Science approach unless this is prohibited or made impractical by the research funders. Where this is the case these projects will be publically flagged as non-ONS and I will apply the principle of the NIH OA Mandate (12 months maximum embargo) wherever possible.
  4. I will do more to publicise Open Notebook Science. Specifically I will give ONS a mention in every scientific talk and presentation I give.
  5. Regardless of the outcome of the funding application I will attempt to get funding to support an international meeting focussed on developing Open Approaches in Research.