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Monday, January 14, 2008

New OA projects in Sweden

Sweden's has updated its English-language page of new projects, January 14, 2008.  Excerpt:

The Autumn 2007 Call for Proposals in the programme was met with considerable interest. Seventeen project proposals were received representing a total sum of funding requested of 11 million SEK. Following the proposal of the programme's Steering Committee the National Librarian decided to fund 10 projects with a total sum of 4 million SEK during 2008-2009. A new co-funder, the Knowledge Foundation, entered the programme during this period with a special interest in promoting access to digital learning resources created within universities.

Content in Open Archives - Creating a Critical Mass

A number of projects aim to stimulate the growth of content in institutional repositories and to provide researchers with more information about new alternatives for them to make their research visible.

Two of these are continuations of earlier projects:
Information for Researchers about OA will further develop a web-resource created within the project Open Access - tutorial for researchers, and using it as a starting point arrange a series of seminars for researchers about Open Access at different universities across Sweden in close co-operation with local repository managers.

Journal Information to Researchers - Journal Info 2.0 will continue to develop the already internationally well known and well received service Journal Info....

Parallel publishing of scientific articles will together with researchers from different universities study and test workflows, to identify obstacles and needs for support functions in connection with parallel publishing.

Open Access Domain models … subproject II Domain modeling of rights and terms in connection with parallel publishing of scientific articles will work with structuring and adding information about publisher policies on rights and terms, aiming for services that connect rights data to individual articles in a consistent way.

Widening the Range of Material in Open Archives...

Open Educational Resources (OER) in open digital archives will survey the present state of production and use of OERs within a number of Higher Education institutions. It will then explore models and methods to make these resources more accessible within the framework of present IRs.

The two other projects are explorative studies concerned with managing complex, digital multimedia objects in open archives....

Hot Topics of Discussion...

Citation patterns in OA journals will make a systematic comparison of citation patterns in OA and non-OA scientific journals.

Open Access and information provision to private businesses will study the potential role of Open Access material as an information source for a number of Swedish companies and how private firms could contribute to the cost of publishing in an Open Access publishing model

Practical Support for Open Access Journals Publishing

Best Practices Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing aims to create a practical, comprehensive, electronically available guide that addresses the key issues for editors, researchers, librarians and university presses. The project is led by people with a long experience of commercial journal publishing and will systematically collect existing experience from the field and from earlier projects.