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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More on the BMC upgrade to Open Repository

Tracey Caldwell, BioMed Streamlines Open Repository With DSpace Features, Linux Insider, January 15, 2008.  Excerpt:

Open access publisher BioMed Central has boosted its Open Repository with open source features from digital content distributor DSpace to make it easier for customers to browse and submit material to the hosted repository solution online.

The latest version of Open Repository allows institutions to convert their Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text and RTF (Rich Text Format) documents to PDF (Portable Document Format). Customers can also set up RSS feeds, and customize lists and search fields.

Dominic Tate, business development manager at BioMed Central, said: "We have become increasingly involved with DSpace, and our technical architect, Graham Triggs, is responsible for the strategic direction of DSpace. We, in turn, feed some development back to DSpace."

Some of the features introduced to Open Repository were under development by DSpace. BioMed Central commissioned others to appeal to new and potential customers.

BioMed Central runs repositories for the Universities of Wales, Chester and Roehampton. The latter has recently switched from Proquest Digital because Open Repository represents "much better value for money," according to Pat Simons, bibliographic and technical services manager at Roehampton University....

PS:  For background, see BMC's announcement of the upgrade in November 2007.