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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Inventory of UK repositories

JISC released the final report of the Digital Repositories and Archives Inventory (DRAI) project, January 1, 2008.  From the executive summary:

HE institutions, education and research organisations, and research groups in the UK have created and provide access to a wide range of electronic content for use in learning, teaching and research.  Access to this content is provided through a number of different routes including web accessible digital archives, open access repositories, and web-based collections. These repositories and archives are hosted by departments, institutions, consortia, and national bodies such as research councils, learned societies and other publicly funded organisations. Some registries and services aggregate these sources of content, but there is currently no single place where these sources are listed.

There has been a clearly articulated need for a “one stop shop” for information discovery across different digital collections.  The catalogue of resources created during the Digital Repositories and Archives Inventory (DRAI) project updates and complements previous aggregation efforts and provides more specific information about the preservation of each collection (which has not been part of the scope of previous portals)....

The overall approach was focussed on interoperability with the JISC IESR [Information Environment Service Registry] and in future the DRAI data can be incorporated with the minimum of effort. The DRAI project aggregated and classified nearly 2000 records from a variety of critical existing sources and reports....The project also delivered the MySQL database data, the data in XML format, the conversion script, a document showing mapping to the JISC IESR, and full documentation for the project.