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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Forthcoming guide to best practices for OA journals

An announcement from Co-Action Publishing:

Co-Action Publishing and Lund University Library, Head Office, have been awarded substantial funding from the Swedish Royal Library through its Program to create a Best Practices Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing. The project aims to create a comprehensive, electronically available guide that addresses key issues for editors, researchers, librarians and university presses who are considering an Open Access publishing venture. Information and experiences will be systematically collected and then presented in a format that allows others to apply the lessons learned. Input to the guide will be collected through interviews with editors and presses. Additionally, the guide will be informed by existing literature on specific areas of OA journals publishing and will take into account reports from relevant projects that have earlier received funding from the Swedish national OA Program and the Nordbib Program; in particular the guide will build on the Nordbib-funded project, “Aiding Scientific Journals Towards Open Access Publishing”.

The final version of the Guide will be available by 1 January 2010. However, the project team plans to release a draft version in January 2009 to allow others to provide comments and input.