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Monday, January 28, 2008

DSpace plans for India

HP to power 'knowledge society' in India, Chennai Online, January 28, 2008.

HP will power the ‘knowledge society’ in India by networking libraries in the country through its DSpace Open Source platform.

“India has a lot of knowledge and what it needs now is to have digital repositories, which make it easier for storing, managing, and accessing information...,” [said] Nick Wainwright, director of Content and Media program at HP laboratories....

Wainwright said that DSpace has applications across a wide spectrum of areas, which not only includes libraries, but also anthropology departments, museums, archaeological departments, research centers across various disciplines are users of DSpace.

“Using DSpace, information is being digitized which enables are a wider reach and also preserves the content....Digital libraries are being created for diverse communities and in different fields such as education, science, health, culture and so on. To build a digital library under economical conditions, open source software is preferable. Open access of knowledge is possible only if repositories are made online,” he informed....

“The HP DSpace foundation funds the initiatives at a global level and we are exploring ways to do it in India too. We want to continuously improve on the platform by allowing users to access and take their feedback and evolve the product based on the inputs,” he added....