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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Demonstrating CLOCKSS

Helping Move CLOCKSS Forward: Ensuring Continuing Access to Journal Content, an announcement from EDINA, January 11, 2008.  Excerpt:

EDINA will be hosting 'orphaned' journal content in its role as a CLOCKSS Delivery Platform. Access will be free.

CLOCKSS is an initiative, formed by partnership of libraries and publishers, to ensure long-term access to scholarly work in digital format. As more and more content moves online, there is growing concern that this digital content may not always be available. CLOCKSS addresses this problem by creating a secure, multi-sited archive of web-published content that can be tapped into as necessary to provide ongoing access to researchers worldwide for free.

The announcement by SAGE Publications, a CLOCKSS partner, that it would discontinue online access to its journal, Graft: Organ and Cell Transplantation, represents an opportunity to demonstrate how CLOCKSS works.

The plan is to test the procedures and shared (publisher and librarian) governance at the CLOCKSS Board in declaring a 'trigger event' for what could be regarded as 'orphaned content'. This will demonstrate the general case of content ceasing to be available, for whatever reason (natural disaster, human folly, technological failure). Content stored in the CLOCKSS network (an array of storage globally distributed as a dark archive) is then transfered to the designated delivery platforms in order to provide unrestricted access to research literature that might otherwise have been lost.

EDINA has been designated as one of those CLOCKSS Delivery Platforms, as has OCLC, which together with the New York Public Library, five universities (including the University of Edinburgh) and eleven publishers (collectively accounting for about 60% of journal content online) have worked together as partners in the CLOCKSS initiative....