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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An OA mandate for Charles Sturt University

Australia's Charles Sturt University has adopted an institutional OA mandate.  (Thanks to ROARMAP.)  From the policy:

ALL CSU staff are required to submit their peer-reviewed pre-publication manuscripts for the DEST Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) as an electronic file into CRO from 2007 onwards. Items submitted will constitute the CSU open access repository and all items are retrievable through open access search engines. The CRO Repository is searchable through the CSU web site and full text items are available for download. CRO will be used to determine funding under the Publications Grants Scheme and to provide data to the Promotions Committee....

The full text material can not be added to the Open Access Repository if copyright restrictions exist. In such cases citation and abstract will be added. Embargoes will be observed and material can be added to CRO when the embargo is over....

Comment.  "CRO" ("CSU Research Output") is the university's institutional repository.  The policy was clearly adopted sometime last year, perhaps early last year, but I only just learned about it.  The policy not only mandates deposit of peer-reviewed manuscripts, but makes compliance a condition for internal funding and promotions --a smart and natural incentive.  Kudos to all involved.