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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

After a long delay, OA for NZ statutes

Stephen Bell Wellington, Public Access to Legislation project online at last, Computerworld NZ, January 16, 2008.  Excerpt:

At long last, the Public Access to Legislation (PAL) system is accessible to the public. The system, formally released by Attorney-General Michael Cullen today, puts New Zealand statutes, regulations and Bills progressing through Parliament on a revamped website, [New Zealand Legislation].  The same XML-based database used on the site will generate the hard-copy versions of legislation.

PAL was originally scheduled for completion in February 2003.

Its progress was marked by delays and budget blowouts remarkable even for government computer projects....

The database of legislation will be brought fully up-to-date over about the next three months, Cullen says, and it will then be possible to close down the “interim” website run by legal publisher Brookers and the information broker Knowledge Basket, which has to date been the public’s only free online access to Bills in their progress through Parliament....

On completion of the database, the PAL output will become the definitive expression of New Zealand law.