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Saturday, December 01, 2007

OA for mainstreaming peripheral science

Jean-Claude Guédon, Open Access and the divide between “mainstream” and “peripheral” science, a preprint forthcoming in Sueli Mara S.P. Ferreira and Maria das Graças Targino (eds.), Como gerir e qualificar revistas científicas, 2007 (in Portuguese).  The preprint is in English. 

Abstract:   Discusses the potential of open access to overcome the divide between the mainstream and the peripheral in science, including the divide between the developed and developing world. Specific open access implementation strategies are examined with respect to this role. For example, subsidized open access journals with no article processing fees, a common practice in many if not most of the world's countries, are helpful to overcoming the divide, as is a coherent system of institutional and thematic repositories.

Update. Also see Heather Morrison's comments on this article.