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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

IRs coming to all Irish universities

UCD Library Implements Institutional Repository with the help of Enovation Solutions, Irish University Association News, December 2007.  Excerpt:

UCD [University College Dublin] Library and Enovation Solutions have completed the development of an open access institutional repository to collect, preserve and disseminate the full-text research outputs of researchers at University College Dublin.

The repository, which was built on the DSpace technology platform, was chosen by UCD Library because of its open source flexibility, successful use by other Irish universities, and the availability of local support from Enovation Solutions....

Enovation's development work included considerable changes to the main DSpace data fields and some specific enhancements to the DSpace website.

The Library is currently piloting the repository with the Schools of Economics, Geography Planning and Environmental Policy and the Geary Institute. They plan to officially launch it as a university-wide service later in 2008. Further application developments, which are scheduled to start in the New Year, will involve integrating the repository with the existing research management system at the library to allow for full data flow between the two.

This innovative development is part of a 3-year project initiated by the IUA Librarians' Group and part-funded through the Higher Education Authority Strategic Innovation Fund. The project will establish open access institutional repositories in all Irish universities by 2008, augmented by an Irish portal to discover and access Irish research outputs....