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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Intute wins 2007 Farradane Award

Intute has won the 2007 Jason Farradane Award from the Journal of Information Science.  For details, see JISC's announcement this morning:

This year’s Jason Farradane Award for outstanding work in the field of information science was today presented to Intute, the JISC-funded free online search service.

With over 120,000 links to academic content on the Web, as well as a suite of virtual training tutorials and Internet information services, Intute has grown from its origins in JISC’s 1996 e-Lib programme to become a community resource, contributed to by subject specialists in libraries and other organisations across the UK....

The committee felt that ‘Intute's model of shared services has made the UK a world leader in delivering Internet services for education and research on a national level.’ ...