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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Intro to OA for ESRC grantees

The UK Economic & Social Research Council has released An Introduction to Open Access for ESRC Grant Holders.  It offers a general introduction to OA and a restatement of the ESRC's OA mandate from October 2006.  (The intro relies in several places on my Open Access Overview.)

For some OAN readers, this glimpse into the future may be new:

There have been a number of developments since the ESRC Open Access mandate came into effect (in October 2006), including strong interest from within the community in scoping and developing open access repositories, predominantly institutional.

The second phase of ESRC Society Today provided proof of concept for interoperation with other repositories, allowing automated harvesting and linkage of ESRC funded output records, and extending the awards and outputs database as an ESRC Social Sciences Repository (a subject repository). Users within the community are also utilising the technology to harvest ESRC materials from the repository for their own purposes.

Research Councils UK has commissioned a Study on Open Access to Research Outputs, aimed at reviewing the impact of the RCUK position statements on Open Access, which is scheduled to deliver its findings in autumn 2008.