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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Interview with BMC's Matt Cockerill

Sundar Raman interviewed Matthew Cockerill, for his show Open Views on radio station KRUU, December 9, 2007.  The podcast is available for downloading.  Cockerill is the publisher of BioMed Central.  From the KRUU blurb:

On this episode of Open Views I'm joined by Dr. Matthew Cockerill from BioMedCentral, a commercial Open Access publisher. BioMedCentral has a portfolio of 182 journals, a combination of both general titles such as the Journal of Biology, and much more specialized such as Malaria Journal and Biomedcentral Bioinformatics. All the research published by BioMed Central's journals is open access, but BioMed Central also provides access to various additional products and services that require a subscription. BioMed Central also operates Open Repository, a hosted digital repository solution for institutions.

In many ways Biomedcentral is experimenting with the different business models necessary for the new world of Open Access to work in a commercial setting. But having been in operation since 1999, it has definitely proven that the model of Open Access has commercial viability.

Matthew Cockerill started off as Biomedcentral's first employee, back in 1999, and has since served in several roles: technical director, operations director, and now Publisher, which is essentially like the managing director. He agreed to a conversation to talk about his work at BiomedCentral, and also the relevance of the Open Access model in an interconnected world.

PS:  The interview was an hour, but for now the official podcast only covers the first 20 minutes.  KRUU hopes to fix this problem soon.  Meantime,  here's an unofficial podcast of the whole interview.

Update. The official podcast has been fixed and now covers the whole interview.