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Thursday, December 20, 2007

IEEE-SPS partners with Connexions on open ed modules

SPS Partnering with Connexions for Open-Access Educational Repository, Inside Signal Processing E-Newsletter, December 2007.  (Thanks to Ahmed Hindawi.)  Excerpt:

IEEE is partnering with open-access educational repository Connexions on a major initiative to develop a critical mass of signal processing educational modules and courses that will be available for free access by anyone, anywhere, at any time.  This is one of the latest education and outreach effort by the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), as announced by the SPS President Alfred O. Hero in the November 2007 issue of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine [PS: and blogged on OAN at the time].

The materials will pass through a careful IEEE-SPS peer review that will earn them the imprimatur of the IEEE brand for quality and eventually will be available not just in English but also in a number of languages, including Spanish and Chinese.

The project will begin accepting submissions of content for conversion and reviewing in January 2008. If you would like to get started early contributing your own content, please visit the Connexions Author’s Guide. For more information, read more from this SPM article and visit the project website.

Update (1/31/08). Also see the home page for this project. (Thanks to Mel DeSart.)