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Saturday, December 22, 2007

ETD collections in Italy

Paola Galimberti and Marialaura Vignocchi, Time for a change: the Italian CRUI-Open Access Working Group’s action for a national e-theses provision service, in Proceedings ETD 2007 - Added Value to e-theses, Uppsala 2007.  Self-archived December 22, 2007.

Abstract:   The paper intends to present the status of e-theses collections in Italy, focusing on the major drivers for change that can contribute to create the basis of a national e-theses provision service able to collaborate with other international services. Finally, it illustrates the e-theses project of Bologna University as a case study of a viable integrated system offering added-value services.

Update.  Also see the CRUI guidelines themselves (in Italian) and this short summary in English.