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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Why Eric von Hippel chose OA for two of his books

In an 8:33 minute podcast, MIT's Eric von Hippel talks about Openness, Innovation, and Scholarly Publishing.  (Thanks to Garrett Eastman.)  From the description:

The third episode in a new series of podcasts on various aspects of scholarly publishing & copyright is now available.

In the new episode, we hear from Professor Eric von Hippel, T Wilson Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT. He specializes in research related to the nature and economics of distributed and open innovation.

Professor von Hippel speaks about his experiment with making two of his books openly available on his website at no cost to the reader, and about the broader issue of how the economics of innovation are increasingly favoring open, unrestricted internet access, including in scholarly publishing....

More information about Professor von Hippel’s experiment with making his books openly available on the web was offered in a previous story.

The other episodes in the podcast series are available on the scholarly publication website.

PS:  For background, see my earlier blog posts on von Hippel.