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Monday, November 12, 2007

Waking up from an access nightmare

Heather Morrison, Is the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia asleep? Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics, November 11, 2007. 

Abstract:  While Canada's main research funder in medicine, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), calls for open access to CIHR-funded research, the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia is among the small, and shrinking, percentage of journals that do not even allow author self-archiving! Canadian anesthesiologists: did you know that Harvard and Cal State do not subscribe to the journal produced by your society? Researchers there can read the articles, but not until they are a year old, unless they are willing to pay a temporary access fee of $20 US per day, for access at one computer. It seems unlikely that many researchers at Harvard or Cal State would purchase under these bizarre terms; in the developing world, these fees may amount to an enormous sum of money. If you're a member of the Canadian Anesthesiologist's Society, please tell your society to ask the folks at the journal to wake up, and realize how much Canadian anesthesia has to gain by moving to the optimal dissemination that is open access!

From the body of the post:

This is mind-boggling. $20 per article, and only 1 day's access from 1 computer? If you start reading an article at the hospital library, get called away to attend to a patient and want to continue reading from your office, you're expected to pay again? ...

Comment.  Hear, hear.  Yesterday I blogged a letter to the editor published in CJA.  I wasn't surprised that the letter was TA, since the whole journal was TA.  But I was surprised that access cost $20 for one day from one computer.  For a letter to the editor.  I'd supplement Heather's call to members of the CAS with a call to authors:  Do you really want to hide your research in this lockbox?