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Thursday, November 29, 2007

PRISM wins Lemon Award

The Charleston Advisor's Seventh Annual Readers’ Choice Awards are now public.  Some highlights:

Best Content.  Google Book Search –– This project has seen unprecedented expansion as Google has added a great number of new libraries including many outside of the United States. “By the pound,” this is one of the most ambitious digitization projects ever done....

Best Pricing. –– The free Web version of the New York Times and its backfile represents one of the best opportunities on the Web. The addition of video, podcasts, and other features shows how newspapers can transform themselves.

Lemon Award.  PRISM (The Partnership for Research Integrity in Science and Medicine) –– The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has announced a partnership to oppose efforts to put publicly funded research in the public domain. They oppose “the risks of proposed government interference with the scholarly communication process.” These publishers should not bite the hand that feeds them....