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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Opening educational resources

The November-December issue of Educational Technology is devoted to Opening Educational Resources.  The issue isn't yet online, but the journal has allowed authors to post OA copies of their articles online.  Here's one:

Eve Gray, The Other End of the Telescope:  Opening Educational Resources in a South African University, Educational Technology, November-December, 2007.

Abstract:   This article explores the question of opening educational resources in the context of an educational technology unit, the Centre for Educational Technology at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa. It describes the impact of a high level of policy intervention for the transformation of higher education and of a diverse, multilingual student body, many with apartheid-inherited deficits in academic preparedness. In this context of very particular needs, the article questions the appropriateness of a focus on content alone, rather than educational process as it addresses particular contexts. Where content does become important is in the need to grow the volumes of Africa-relevant content, something that is inhibited by traditional publish-or-perish policies.

Update. Here's another OA edition of an article from the same issue: Judith Breck, When Educational Resources Are Open.

Update. Here's another: Sarah Whitcher Kansa and Eric C. Kansa, Open Content in Open Context.

Update (8/3/08). The full issue is now OA.