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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Open data for environmental research

The Open Knowledge Foundation has launched an Open Environmental Data wiki.  From the site:

Open Environmental Data is data relevant to study of the environment that anyone is free to access, re-use and redistribute (see the Open Knowledge Definition). This includes data that is in the public domain (such as data produced in the normal operation of certain US government departments), and data that has been made available under an open license....


Short term:

  • create and maintain a list of publicly accessible environmental datasets
  • create an entry for any open datasets in CKAN
  • contact relevant parties for datasets with ambiguous status/license
  • create and maintain a list of relevant environmental research groups, organisations and links
  • investigate tools to analyse/represent data - particularly those that are open
  • investigate legislation and policy relevant to environmental data in different jurisdictions

Medium term:

  • mirror/archive (selected) open datasets in a subversion repository
  • investigate and attempt to harmonise data formats

Longer term:

  • think about developing a web application to help explore datasets...