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Friday, November 16, 2007

OA to Swedish essays written in English

University essays from Sweden is an OA collection of English-language essays written by Swedish university students.  Apparently "essays" here includes theses and dissertations.  (Thanks to  From the site: gives non-Swedish speakers access to essays published at Swedish universities. is the English language version of the website ("Uppsatser", incidentally, means "essays" in Swedish.)

At the main site there are more than 30.000 essays and final theses, but most of these are written Swedish. Therefore, at you will only find the English-language essays....

From the about page:

Every year tens of thousands of Swedish university students spend many million hours researching and writing their final theses. The end result - all the essays - is a knowledge resource of great weight. However, up until quite recently, it was common that the finished essays where stored away in the darkest corners of the university libraries, where no-one would ever find them.

This problem led way to the Swedish website The website was launched in 2004, with the goal to become a knowledge platform that could bridge the knowledge-gap between university students, schools and companies in Sweden. - the English language version of, was launched in November 2007....About one fourth of the university essays in Sweden are written in English....