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Friday, November 16, 2007

OA repositories in India

S.B. Ghosh and Anup Kumar Das, Open Access and Institutional Repositories – a developing country perspective: a case study of India, IFLA Journal, 33, 3 (2007).  Scroll to p. 229.  (Thanks to ResourceShelf.)

Abstract:   Open access facilitates the availability and distribution of scholarly communication freely, as a means and effort to solve the problem of inaccessibility, primarily due to financial constraints, particularly in the developing countries. In India there has been a gradual realization of the usefulness of open access among various institutions. Various open access initiatives have been undertaken and are operational. Many are in the developmental stage. Some initiatives have also been taken in the area of metadata harvesting services particularly public funded ones. The future of open access in India is dependent upon a proper policy and developing a proper framework. In the implementation of open access, LIS professionals should play a proactive role in the growth of collections in institutional repositories. The paper provides an overview about the present state of open access initiatives by various institutions of the country.