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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New discussion list on "the new politics of knowledge"

Citizendium has launched a new discussion list, SharedKnowledge.  (Thanks to Klaus Graf.)  From the description:

SharedKnowing is a mailing list for both discussion and announcements, not specifically affiliated with any project, but hosted by the Citizendium.

Well-reasoned, polite discussion of the nature of online knowledge production communities, with special but not exclusive focus on community policy (production, governance, management) questions; "the new politics of knowledge" broadly speaking. Though participation is by no means restricted to philosophers, we would like the list to have a more theoretical or philosophical focus, as opposed to being concerned with the specific minutia of specific communities (such as Wikipedia).

The collaborative knowledge community component of the list is important. It is not a list about Internet communities generally, much less the Internet generally. It's about Internet communities that are both collaborative and aimed at compiling knowledge....