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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Managing copyrights for open education

John Casey, Jackie Proven, and David Dripps, Managing IPR in Digital Learning Materials: A Development Pack for Institutional Repositories, Trust in Digital Repositories, undated but apparently recent.  (Thanks to Charles Bailey.)  A major paper plus 2 discussions, 20 readings, 6 tools, a bibliography, and many links to related sites, all on managing copyrights for e-learning contents on deposit in OA repositories.  Excerpt:

This institutional development pack for managing IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) in e-learning is intended to support those who wish to update and clarify their institutional policies and infrastructures to help get the best out of using technology to support teaching and learning. Confusion, lack of awareness, poor practice, contradictory policy and risk aversion currently dominate thinking about this subject at all levels – particularly amongst senior management. This is presenting a major obstacle to the effective uptake of e-learning in our tertiary education system. In this pack we explicitly link the task of overhauling the IPR regimes in our institutions to the organisational and professional ‘process change' that is required to make effective use of e-learning – especially in relation to the introduction and extension of flexible learning delivery.